House votes to remove need for concealed carry permit

By T. Scott Boatright

Louisiana’s House of Representatives passed a bill Wednesday that would allow those 21 and older to legally carry a concealed firearm without a permit.

Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat who generally supports gun rights, has expressed his opposition, arguing that requiring permits and training strikes the right balance between personal rights and public safety.

House Bill 596, authored by Rep. Bryan Fontenot (R-Thibodaux), moves on to the Senate after a 72-28 vote.

The Senate already has approved Senate Bill 118 — which has the same goal — with a 27-11 vote.

Fontenot said adults already have the right to carry a firearm in Louisiana openly without a permit. He said that many other states have enacted similar provisions while rejecting the argument that his proposal could put law enforcement officers in danger while adding that the cost of the training required to get a permit exceeds State Police’s expenses to deliver the training. The change would apply only to people not otherwise banned from carrying a gun.

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One thought on “House votes to remove need for concealed carry permit

  1. I am female, 73, and until 2019 lived alone, shopped alone, and attended church alone. As a senior citizen, I often had safety concerns and realized I was not physically able to defend myself or run away. So in 2015, after a lengthy and thorough vetting by La State Police, I obtained a concealed carry permit. Having been taught a healthy respect for firearms at an early age, I experienced a heightened sense of personal safety by having it on my person; and only refrained from “carrying” in areas where doing so was prohibited. I reluctantly surrendered my permit in 2020 because I felt it unwise to attend the required classroom instruction in the middle of a pandemic. While I concede there may be some basis for the governor’s concern regarding the “balance between public safety and personal rights” I welcome the passage of this bill and will feel much better knowing my “friend” is accompanying me once again. I would, however, encourage anyone considering cc to obtain necessary instruction from a knowledgeable source and become familiar with proper firearm safety measures. It is sad that we must consider such measures; but, alas, today’s society is not the one many of us remember.

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