Ruston man charged after getting into altercation with store clerk

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By T. Scott Boatright

A Ruston man who got into an altercation with a clerk at the East Side Mini-Mart in Ruston Monday afternoon was arrested on charges including two counts of resisting officers.

The RPD answered a call concerning a disturbance at the store and upon arrival officers observed a black male yelling at the store clerk. The suspect was reportedly then separated from the clerk and placed into handcuffs.

Upon further investigation the officers learned that Jeremy Hardaway, 25, had allegedly gone into the store screaming and broke the glass divider for the cash register. While being questioned Hardway reportedly refused to answer officers’ questions about his name and date of birth and continued yelling expletives even as individuals remained in the store shopping.

The still at that point unidentified Hardyway was then transported and booked into the Lincoln Parish Detention Center, initially as “John Doe” until his identity was later determined.

Hardaway faces charges of damage to property, disturbing the peace and two counts of resisting an officer.

Bond for Hardaway was set at $63,000.

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