“If the tax does not pass, the library will close.”

By Jim Wilkerson

In December of last year, the property tax renewal for the Lincoln Parish Library failed in a vote of 57 percent against and just 43 percent for. The Lincoln Parish Board of Control fully appreciates the seriousness of the rejection and has until October 9 to figure out how to muster enough votes to have the millage passed. If the tax renewal fails again, the library – as a public entity – will almost certainly go under.

This past Wednesday, the board convened, in part, to brainstorm different strategies to get the word out to Parish citizens. The first strategy discussed was a possible press release that is likely to be scheduled in September, which will reveal a plaque recognizing three men – Jack Beard, George Byrnside, and Sam Williams – who were pivotal to the formation and maintenance of the library.

The second strategy is to continue advertising in local newspapers and other media outlets, and to distribute yard signs throughout the Parish.

A third strategy was introduced to the board by the director of the Jackson Parish Library, Floyd Knox. Starting soon, library staff and friends will be handing out a flyer to local citizens. The rough draft of the flyer (below) was displayed at Wednesday’s meeting, and several changes will be made to it before the staff starts handing them out in masse.

One of the changes proposed at the meeting was to put a simple quote on the front of the flyer that reads: “If the tax does not pass, the library will close.” The second change was proposed by attorney Lewis Jones to put the qualifier, “annual”, in front of the word, “tax”, so that potential voters will know that the tax will be a one-time payment each year.

On the back of the flyer, the readers will be able to see how much in additional annual property taxes they will have to pay if the millage renewal gets passed.

Public Document – Library Flyer Handout at meeting:

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