Cedar Creek Opener Cancelled

Hurricane Ida strikes again.

Cedar Creek coach Matt Middleton put his Cougars through an entire practice Tuesday afternoon with one thing on his mind … a road trip to Liberty Magnet Friday for the season opener in Baton Rouge.

However, Middleton was met with news after coming off the practice field that the Cougars season opener was cancelled due to the affects of Hurricane Ida in the Baton Rouge area.

“We got (all the way) through practice today, and I didn’t even know it,” said Middleton. “But I understand. East Baton Rouge schools are out until at least next week. It’s just a tough deal for everyone involved.”

Cedar Creek Head of School Andy Yepson got a call from his counterpart late Tuesday afternoon with the news.

“The hurricane damage in Baton Rouge is just too bad,” said Yepson. “We had to cancel it. I talked to their principal late this afternoon, and he said 70 percent of Baton Rouge is still without power. He didn’t know when they were going back to school.”

The game will be recorded as a no contest for each school; not a forfeit. Middleton said he wouldn’t try to find a replacement for this Friday.

“No it’s a little late,” said Middleton. “I did that a couple of times last year with Covid, and it’s so hard to prepare. Anyway, most everybody up here is playing other north Louisiana schools. We were one of the few north Louisiana teams trying to play down south. I think we are just going to chalk it up as a bye and get into St. Frederick next week.”

Middleton did say he would utilize the next two days on the practice field to continue to prepare his Cougars for the new season and home opener on Friday, Sept. 10.

“(Today) we will do a heavy special teams practice, and then a good practice on Thursday,” he said. “I am going to give them Friday and Saturday off and then get back Sunday afternoon and start to work on St. Frederick.”

Photo:  by Darrell James


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