Parish School Board Meeting, September 7, 2021

By Jim Wilkerson

The Lincoln Parish School Board convened for its regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, September 7 – the first meeting since the school year began. Superintendent Ricky Durrett discussed some of the continued precautions the schools are continuing to take, including limited travel for faculty and staff and fewer overnight trips for athletic teams. Still, Lincoln Parish schools will continue to have face-to-face classes for the foreseeable future, as the number of COVID cases declined from the first week to this week.

In addition, Durrett informed the school board that classroom teachers will be receiving a $325 stipend in their September paychecks from the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) as a token of appreciation for all their hard work in a changing educational climate. Indeed, the school year has already proven unpredictable for some teachers who have either had to miss because of COVID or had to transfer to different schools in the Parish because of student population changes.

Agenda items for the School Board meeting included:

  1. Call to order and invocation
  2. Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag
  3. Adoption of agenda as printed
  4. Approval of minutes – regular session of August 3, 2021
  5. Committee Reports

5.1.    Finance Committee – Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

Lisa Best, Chairperson

5.2.    a.         Public hearing for proposed budget for year ended June 30, 2022

5.2.  b.         Adopt the proposed budget for year ended June 30, 2022

  1. Unfinished Business

6.1.    Accept bid supplies for 2021-2022 school year – Ricky Edmiston

  1. New Business

7.1.    Adopt Resolution authorizing the Superintendent to sign the Uninsured Motorist Form – Juanita Duke and Ricky Durrett

7.2.    Approve revision to the 2021-2022 LPSB pay rate schedule – Lisa Bastion and Ricky Durrett

7.3.    Declare surplus property – James Payton

7.4.    Declare surplus Family Consumer Science items – Juanita Duke

7.5.    Approve the Louisiana Public Schools Risk Management Agency Interlocal Agreement – Juanita Duke and Ricky Durrett

  1. Reports

8.1.    Personnel – Dr. Doris Lewis

8.2.    Sales tax receipts for August 2021 – Juanita Duke

8.3.    Financial statement for July 2021 – Juanita Duke

8.4.    Health plan update for July 2021 – Juanita Duke

  1. Report of the Superintendent
  2. Reports, comments, or observations of board members
  3. Adjournment

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