Friday Night Lights: Meet Creek’s Riley Patterson

Meet Cedar Creek’s Riley Patterson

Parents: Alicia Martin and Jace Patterson 

Siblings: Bailey Martin and Colby Martin 

School: Cedar Creek High School

Grade: 12th 

Spirit Squad: Varsity Cheer (Captain)

Honors (Academic, Spirit Squad, Athletic): All honors courses, dual enrolled in 5 Louisiana Tech classes this year, All American Cheerleader, Received the “Pin it Forward Award” at UCA cheer camp  

Favorite Subject in School: Biology 

Favorite Show on Netflix? Vampire Diaries 

What is on your play list? I have a mixture of multiple different genres but I stick mostly to country and Christian music. 

Instagram or Tik Tok? and Why? Instagram definitely, because you can post more than just a video. It includes so many different opportunities that Tiktok does not have. Instagram has its own section for just Tiktok videos… and then much more. So In my opinion I don’t think there’s even a competition between the two. 

Favorite Line of Clothing? Lulu lemon 

Favorite meal? CANES all day everyday 

Q: What do you love about your school?

A: I love how Cedar Creek is like a family. You grow up together and become such a tight knit group with fellow classmates and teachers. This is definitely an advantage to being at a smaller school. Also, I love how much Cedar Creek prepares you for the steps ahead no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’re figuring out what classes to take in high school, looking at different colleges, trying to apply to colleges, etc., Cedar Creek makes sure you’re ready for it. 

Q: How long have you been in (cheer) and what is it about it that you enjoy?

A: I have been in cheer for seven years now. The thing I enjoy most about it is forming close friendships with your fellow cheerleaders. We all become so close due to the amount of time we spend together. I love seeing everyone work together as a team and truly care for one another. I also love cheering every Friday night for my Cougars! 

Q: What is your favorite high school (cheer) moment?

A: My favorite cheer moment would definitely have to be last year 2020, when we were in round one playoffs down south and the game was super close. We were all so nervous, and we ended up winning by one point at the very last second and everyone went crazy. I was so happy for the boys because they deserved it and I genuinely enjoyed seeing everyone so into the football game. 

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: I plan to go to Louisiana Tech and earn my bachelor’s degree. I want to go to graduate school for either dental school or veterinary school. 

Q: What three people from history would you like to sit down and eat dinner with and why?

A: The only person I can think of that I would want to sit down and eat dinner with would be Jesus. He could answer every single question I have about himself and everything else. I think he’s an obvious choice. 


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