Piney Hills Harmony Chorus looks to grow its numbers, increase local support

By Alexis Newman

Veterans of the singing community and newcomers alike may find interest in the local singing group Piney Hills Harmony Chorus.

The Piney Hills Harmony Chorus is a part of a global organization called Sweet Adelines International. The chorus is a singing group located in Ruston that does barbershop harmony, which has a 4-part a capella musical structure.

While the members are primarily singers, the group does much more than sing. Sallie Rose Hollis, the assistant director for visual expression, explained the importance of choreography and other forms of nonverbal communication that make the performance entertaining.

“Beyond that, it’s just getting the whole face involved, the expression, and the whole body movement so that we present an interesting image to the audience, and the audience can connect with us,” Hollis said. “We can sell the message of the song through visual expression.”

The Piney Hills Harmony Chorus gets involved in multiple activities, including performing at booked events, the annual regional competition, and educational seminars and events hosted by the regional level of the organization. There are also leadership and social opportunities for members. Hollis said that there’s a saying in the community that goes “come for the music, stay for the friendships.”

“There’s kind of a pull and a tug at peoples’ heartstrings really when they get involved with it,” Hollis said.

Despite all of the opportunities to get involved in, new members are not required to have any musical knowledge or previous experience. The Piney Hills Harmony Chorus accepts members of all ages, and according to Hollis, there’s a part for every voice.

“Each chorus has its own personality, and I think Piney Hills Harmony is a welcoming, friendly chorus— that if someone does want to visit we are just very open to that,” Hollis said.

Any women interested in joining the chorus or learning more about the organization can contact Sallie Rose Hollis at or visit their website Local community members are also invited to support the group by purchasing blizzards from the Dairy Queen on Cooktown Road this Thursday.

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