Dubach School art celebrates Chicken Festival

The Chicken Festival returned to the town of Dubach, and the students at Dubach School created chickens in a variety of ways with art teacher Mrs. Lauren Dixon.

Each class started working on their chickens in anticipation of the Chicken Festival’s return.

Five judges from the community came and judged each grade’s art work after school one evening. The judges selected their top three choices and an honorable mention for each grade.

The judges had a hard time deciding on the winners, as each student was able to put his or her own artistic creative touch into designing his or her chicken.

Some classes drew their chickens on paper using paint to color them, others used canvas and paint, and some created paper mache chickens. Students in fourth and fifth grades also wrote a story about their chickens. 

The winners are pictured and their art work will be displayed at First Guaranty Bank in the near future.