GSU student releases third book

A GSU student, known for making waves across social media with daily inspirational posts, released her third book.

Jada Starks, a senior studying psychology and sociology from Farmerville, uses her social media platforms to inspire Grambling students and people across the country.

After months of preparation and many long nights writing, Starks released her third devotional book titled “Mirror, Mirror.”

Starks said that this book is her favorite published work, because it was different from her previous books.

“This is such a big moment for me because I worked so hard for this,” she said. “I’ve gone through a lot of trauma in my life. I’ve been judged and criticized. Seeing people purchase my book makes me feel like all of the hard work paid off. Although I am proud of myself, this is just the beginning.”

Starks said this book is very different from her previous books because she has be- come a better writer and she was more transparent with her experiences.

“It’s a lot more personal,” she said. “I’m opening up more from a few personal experiences rather than just providing a daily devotional so that my readers can relate. I included a lot of illustrations and metaphors as well. God really ministered to me as I was writing each devotion.”

Starks said she hopes to inspire others to do more self reflection and healing.

“I want to inspire people to look beneath the surface. I was judged, criticized, before I be- came the person I am today. I was going through something no one understood.

“My book is about seeing the real you in order to become the real you by taking a look deep within yourself,” Starks said.

Starks said that “Mirror, Mirror” is a special book to her because during the process of writing she healed herself from the past.

“This book is so special to me because through the process of writing this, I allowed God to fully knit my open wounds. I stepped more into my calling and I took a look deeper into my life,” Starks said. 

Stark’s book is available for purchase on all platforms. She will also host a book signing soon. For more information about the book signing email her at jinspiresmotivations@

All of Starks books will be available for purchase on her website on Sept. 27.

“I plan to connect with my audience one-on-one and answer questions about my book. I will be hosting a book signing and inviting everyone to come. I appreciate all of the support I’ve received so far and I know more is in store,” Starks said.


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