Lincoln Parish School Board Enters Partnership with Graduation Alliance

By Jim Wilkerson

At the Lincoln Parish School Board meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 5, Supervisor of Academics and Instruction Dana Talley announced that the School Board has entered a partnership with Graduation Alliance – an organization whose mission is to provide alternative pathways to high school graduation for students who are at-risk of not graduating.

“Essentially, they come to us and say, ‘Do you have any kids who have dropped out the last few years and is it okay if we reach out to them?”, Talley told the school board. “It’s kids who we weren’t able to get across the finish line but who we can go back and support.”

Talley also informed the school board that the program is cost-neutral. The board, of course, welcomed this as pleasant news.

In partnering with the Lincoln Parish School Board, Graduation Alliance will provide dropout recovery services, offer credit recovery programs, and expand course offering, among many other services.

According to the Graduation Alliance website, dropout/credit recovery solutions include:

  • The technology and internet access required to bridge the digital divide. Wireless-enabled laptops allow students to work on their classes at any time and from anywhere.
  • Comprehensive support, delivered through proactive online and in-person mentors to help keep students on track to graduation.
  • Over 100 courses including NCAA approved core curriculum, career ready life skills, industry credentials and more.
  • Highly-qualified teachers who are licensed in the student’s state and tutors who are available 24/7, allowing students to get help whenever they need it.
  • Student resiliency assessments and development programs to help promote the growth of vital non-cognitive skills.
  • A FERPA-compliant academic monitoring system that permits a real-time review of the progress being made by individuals or specific groups of students

Talley informed the school board that five students in Lincoln Parish are already in the program. The board expressed excitement toward the new partnership and hopes to see more at-risk students enter the program in the future.

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