Movie Review: A look back on ‘Halloween,’ a chilling classic

By Thomas Stodghill, IV

The Halloween movie series is infamous for terrifying generations of moviegoers. Now with “Halloween Kills,” the 12th movie in the series (yes, there have been that many sequels), set to be released Oct. 15, I want to go back and look at the “Halloween” night that started it all.

1978’s “Halloween” has become essential viewing for fans of the October season, and I can see why. While not the goriest horror movie out there, this movie delivers on tension and atmosphere.

The movie follows Michael Myers who is sent to a sanitarium after murdering his sister on Halloween night. Fifteen years later, Michael escapes and returns to his stomping grounds to find his next targets. All the while, Michael’s psychiatrist pursues after him.

This premise is simple but executed greatly. One of the reasons I think that this works is because it does not rely on supernatural powers or the undead. This movie is about a masked human being murdering other human beings.

Another part of this movie that works is the acting. Jamie Lee Curtis made her acting debut in this movie at age 19, and she plays the main protagonist, Laurie. Curtis delivers a great performance as she fears for her life.

Helping things out is that Curtis is the daughter of actress Janet Leigh, who gained infamy for playing Marion Crane in the 1960 “Psycho.” Both Leigh and Curtis became known as scream queens because of their amazing performances.

My favorite part of this movie is easily the cinematography. This movie uses first person and third person camera to great effect. The death scenes are also nicely done because of that.

This movie is less about jump scares and more about suspense. While this movie is not the scariest of the bunch, this movie delivers horror in its own way.

The 1978 version of “Halloween” is a great movie which still holds up. Even with a low budget, you can tell this movie was made with heart. This movie is worth watching to get into the October and fall mood.

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