Teacher Feature: McGuire passes down love of history through teaching

By Alexis Newman

Although she didn’t always know she would be a teacher, Kari McGuire has spent the past 14 years in the classroom sharing her passion for the past.

McGuire currently teaches history to 11th and 12th graders at Choudrant High School, including the dual-enrolled classes.

Despite a lifelong interest in history, McGuire said she didn’t always know she wanted to teach as a profession. Her plans were pointing her in a different direction until one of her own history teachers in college inspired her to pursue a degree in education instead.

“I didn’t start off being an education major. I was in communications, and then I had just a really good history professor, and I was like, I kinda want to do that, so I just changed my major and got into education and focused on history,” McGuire said. “I’ve always had a love for it. I just never really thought about sharing my love for it until I had him.”

Now that she is a teacher, McGuire said that she tries to lead by example whenever possible. For that reason, one of her favorite subjects to teach is the progressive era in U.S. history, a time that she feels is a good example of how democracy works and how citizens are responsible for affecting change.

“I try to leave up to what I teach, especially with history: how to be an American citizen and how to participate in the democratic process,” McGuire said. “I try to model those things, of course in an educational setting.”

The guiding principle behind McGuire’s teaching is love for history. It’s what inspired her to become a teacher in the first place, and it’s the thing she tries to bring to the classroom every day.

“I just try to be passionate about what I teach and share that passion so the kids will pick up on that,” McGuire said. “I think it’s important they learn from a teacher who loves what they teach.”

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