Friday Night Lights: Meet Ruston’s Sophia Koskie

Meet Ruston’s Sophia Koskie

Parents: Joe and Melanie Koskie

Siblings: Simone Koskie

School: Ruston High School

Grade: 12th

Spirit Squad: Bearcat Belles

Honors: Co-Captain of Bearcat Belles, Vice President of Student Council, National Honor Society Council Member, Certified Nurse Assistant

Favorite Subject in School: Literature and Composition

Favorite Show on Netflix? American Horror Story

What is on your play list? Wallows, Harry Styles, LANY, and the 1975

Who is your biggest role model? Definitely my mom! She just went back to school for her PhD and her work ethic and discipline amaze me. She is such a kind, supportive person who works hard but never fails to make time for me. I hope to be like her when I’m older!

Early bird or night owl? Night owl all the way!

What do you love about your school? I love my senior class! Our class has a really good group of students who work hard and do a really good job in leading school spirit.

How long have you been dancing and what is it about it that you enjoy? I have been dancing for 14 years! Before Bearcat Belles I did studio dance, competitive dance, and was apart of the Louisiana Delta Ballet. Dance has become my happy place over the years. It is so much fun to be able to move in a way that you love with people who share that same passion. And, of course, performing is a blast!

What is your favorite high school dance moment? I love Bearcat Friday football games! Nothing beats getting to dance to the band and cheering on the Bearcats in the stand and then getting to perform for all of the fans at halftime.

What are your plans after high school? After high school I would like to go to college in the hopes of becoming a pediatric nurse. I would love to end up working in a hospital setting where I can interact with all of the patients and hopefully make their days better.

What three people from history would you like to sit down and eat dinner with and why? I would have to say Judy Garland, Marie Antionette, and Ryan Reynolds. Judy Garland because she danced and I love her movies, Marie Antoinette because I want to know if she actually said “Let them eat cake!”, and Ryan Reynolds-even though he’s technically not from history-because not only is he cute but he’s absolutely hilarious

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