Experience Ruston shares popular wedding venues in Lincoln Parish

By Thomas Stodghill, IV

People who are getting married have many choices to make, but the wedding venue can be an easy choice. Lincoln Parish is home to some great venues, and these are some of the most popular.

The first venue in Ruston is the Historic Fire Station. This was opened to the public in 2008. It features a full caterer’s kitchen, original fire poles, and a garden area with a pergola and fountain. The fire station can host 80 to 120 people.

The next venue is The Norton Building. Located in Downtown Ruston, this building features a rustic, yet modern feeling which makes it perfect for weddings, dinners, parties and other occasions.

The third popular venue in Ruston is the White Oak Venue. This venue sits on around 70 acres of land, and it features indoor and outdoor venues. The owners believe that creating memories for families is art in its purest form.

The last of the most popular venues is Creekwood Gardens, which is in Simsboro. This is not just a wedding venue, but also a bed and breakfast and an RV site. Creekwood Gardens is available all year round.

Tori Davis, marketing director for Experience Ruston, explained why she considers Creekwood Gardens to be a hidden gem in Lincoln Parish.

“Most people, even locals, don’t know it exists and they are blown away when they go out there for a wedding,” Davis said.

Davis also shared that Experience Ruston can help people set up hotel blocks for those getting married in Lincoln Parish. This service is offered free to the public.

For more information about hotel blocks, people can contact Jennifer Mamon, the Sales and Services Manager at Experience Ruston, at jmamon@rustonlincoln.com.