Friday Night Lights: Meet Creek’s Sarah Adams

Meet Cedar Creek’s Sarah Elizabeth Adams

Parents:  Emily & Jody Adams

Siblings: Nicholas & Bailey Anne

School: Cedar Creek School

Grade: 12th

Spirit Squad: Water Girl for the Football Team (I tried cheer one year but it really wasn’t for me)

Honors: National Honor Society, Honors Classes, Dual Enrollment Classes, Member of the 2017 & 2018 State Championship Softball teams, selected 1A All-State Softball Team and the 1A All-State Basketball Team my junior year.

Favorite Subject in School: PE of course 🙂

Favorite Show on Netflix? NCIS

What is on your play list? A little bit of everything! 

Early bird or night owl? I guess an early bird – I don’t really “sleep-in” all day – I have too much to do!

If a doctor said you only had a year to live what would you do? Get a second opinion!!!

What do you love about your school?  I love having all ages on campus! We are a pre-K –12 school so we get to see the little kids on the playground and walking around school during the day.  It’s a constant reminder that to them we are the “big kids” and they look up to us so we should try to be good role models.

How long have you been a water girl and what is it about it that you enjoy? I have been a water girl since junior high.  I love football! I begged my parents to let me play as a child! As a water girl, I am close to the action!  I get to encourage the players and celebrate with them when something awesome happens!

What is your favorite high school moment?  This Friday night is our Homecoming game and I am honored to have been chosen as our Homecoming Queen this year.  I’m sure this weekend will be memorable!

What are your plans after high school? I haven’t made definite plans for next year yet!  I would love to continue my athletic career in college so I’m exploring my options right now.

What person from history would you like to sit down and eat dinner with and why?  Jesus – because there would be plenty of food, room at the table, and I’d let Him fill out the guest list!

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