Lincoln Parish School Board feels supply chain effects

By Jim Wilkerson

At the Lincoln Parish School Board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 2, Superintendent Ricky Durrett informed those present that the school system is currently facing some problems in getting food to the cafeteria due to supply chain issues.

“It is just challenging right now for our suppliers for the cafeteria to get all the food items we request,” he said. “The supply chain is really getting tough.”

Though Lincoln Parish is just now feeling the supply chain effects, other school boards across the country have been facing similar problems getting food to their cafeterias since the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, as The New York Times and The Washington Post have documented.

However, Durrett noted that the situation is not yet critical.

“At this point we have been able to find a substitute for each item,” he said. “So far meals have been served as planned but we have had to go to Wal-Mart to shop for some items.”

When asked how shopping locally has affected the budget, Durrett replied, “We are still very well within the budget for food services at this point, but we are watching it as we move forward…We have plans if needed to shop at Sam’s and anywhere else to make sure we have adequate food supplies for the rest of the year.”

Though the cafeteria is having to find alternative ways to get food, Durrett clarified that there have been “no changes to the diet so far, since we have found substitutes.”

As supply chain problems persist in Louisiana and in the United States, generally, it is becoming more and more challenging for the Lincoln Parish school system to predict the food market.

“It is really hard to tell how things will change as we move forward,” Durrett said. 

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