Fall flower choices abound for weddings 

Flowers are always a large part of any wedding, with couples spending an average of $2,000 for their floral arrangements, according to theknot.com. 

With that in mind, it is also helpful to ensure that the flowers used in your wedding are in season.

Here are some of the more popular fall blooms for autumn brides and grooms. 

Garden roses are popular for fall weddings because they grow in temperate climates and are delightful to smell. While standard roses have pointed shaped petals rotated around one center, garden roses have ruffled petals that form a more rounded flower. 

Chrysanthemums are another good choice for fall weddings. According to Easternfloral.com, chrysanthemums often signify life and rebirth, and the various colors of chrysanthemums can mean different things: red for love, white for loyalty and devoted love, for example.  

Dahlias are another vibrant choice for fall weddings. They come in a variety of colors and shades, which make them often ideal for matching colors in weddings.  

Of course, another idea is to use various tree foliage, such as branches, leaves and even acorns in the floral arrangements. 

No matter what the look, though, many florists throughout Lincoln Parish are available for consultation and more information.