Sports Complex indoor facility faces supply chain issues

By Alexis Newman

As of now, the Ruston Sports Complex offers 185 acres of space for outdoor recreation, but it is soon to add a new facility that will offer space for indoor recreation and solidify their reputation as the sports capital of the south.

The opening of the complex has been delayed due to supply chain issues, but there is hope that the final items will be delivered and implemented soon. Although there is no exact opening date set yet, the indoor facilities are very nearly complete.

The new indoor sports complex, located at 2001 Champions Way, is a 67,000 square foot facility with six gym floors. 

Potential uses for the new facilities include hosting six games at once, eight volleyball games at once, cheer competitions, dance line competitions, trade shows or indoor concerts. Together with the outdoor facilities that are already available, the possibilities of events that Ruston can host are broad.

“Anything that you need a big facility for, you can have it right there,” Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker said. “Truly, we are the sports capital of the south.”

In the past, the city of Ruston had to use other gymnasiums for events, but now that they own their own gymnasium, they are excited to open their doors to both traveling teams and local residents. 

“We built it to draw people from out of town for travel team tournaments, but also for an opportunity for our use for adults within our city to have better facilities,” Walker said.

The indoor facility will be open to recreation with designated times for different age groups and different activities, and there is no entrance fee currently planned.