Movie Review: “Jungle Cruise”-  A journey worth taking

By Thomas Stodghill, IV

When Disney was commemorating the second anniversary of its streaming service, Disney+, “Jungle Cruise” got added to the list of many movies you can watch on the platform without paying extra. Previously, “Jungle Cruise” was put on Disney+ as part of their Premier Access program.

I did not know much about “Jungle Cruise” going into it, except for one or two of the jokes. After watching it, I think it is a good movie for the family to watch.

The movie, based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction of the same name, is about Captain Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson) taking a scientist (Emily Blunt) and her brother (Jack Whitehall) through the Amazon River to find the Tree of Life, but people are trying to hunt them down for an ancient artifact.

The plot is an enjoyable time, with Disney taking notes from what made the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies work. It took ideas from the theme park ride, such as the lush jungle scenery, the sights of the river, and yes, the lame dad jokes.

This movie delivers all the fun of the Jungle Cruise ride while delivering a plot that is fun to watch, even if it is mostly going from one point to another. It also delivers a good plot twist, revealing more about the legends of the Amazon River.

Another part I enjoyed about the movie is the acting. Dwayne Johnson delivers some good dad jokes, even if they make you groan. Emily Blunt plays a resourceful botanist who wants to find the tree but wants to make sure everyone can make it.

Jesse Plemons plays an enjoyable antagonist, Prince Joachim, who is also trying to find the Tree of Life. He gets the help of three cursed conquistadors to help find the Tree and claim it for Germany.

Another highlight of the movie is the visual effects. The cursed conquistadors look good, each bringing a new threat. The other visual highlight in Proxima, Frank’s pet companion. Proxima was added via motion capture, and she plays around like an obedient dog. 

“Jungle Cruise” is an enjoyable adventure movie. This is one of the better movies Disney has made based on their theme park attractions, and it delivers on the acting and humor. This is worth a watch if you have Disney+.

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