Traffic stop leads to arrest for multiple violations, including drugs

Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested a woman in the early hours of Monday morning for lack of a license plate and automobile insurance and discovered drugs in her possession. 

A Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s Officer was stationed at Highway 145 and Bagwell Street and observed a gray Honda Accord traveling southbound on Highway 145 without a license plate. The vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of Highways 145 and 80 and made a left turn without using a turn signal. 

The officer conducted a traffic stop at this point, and the driver, Brandie Keith, 34, stated she didn’t have a driver’s license, but she did have a Louisiana ID card. When her ID and the car’s VIN number were run through dispatch, the officer discovered she had an active warrant through Ruston City Police and that the vehicle she was driving did not have liability insurance. 

Keith was then handcuffed and transported to the Lincoln Parish Detention Center. While in transit, an officer noticed Keith fighting and moving about the back seat of his marked patrol vehicle. When they arrived at the detention center, the officer observed Keith moving her handcuffs from the side of her body to the rear of her body, putting her bracelets back on. 

Keith was escorted out of the patrol vehicle and into the custody of LPDC deputies. A deputy then performed a search behind and underneath the seat Keith was sitting in, which yielded a “rock” of suspected methamphetamine underneath that seat. The suspected methamphetamine was located underneath the back inside corner of the rear driver side seat in close proximity to the seatbelt buckle opening.  

Keith was asked about the suspected methamphetamine. She said it wasn’t hers and immediately diverted the conversation toward adjusting her handcuffs. The affidavit stated that she seemed unbothered by the fact that deputies located suspected methamphetamine. She stated, “Do what you gotta do.” 

Keith was booked for possession with intent to distribute as well as for the aforementioned warrant, among other charges. 

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