Make a modern statement with the trumpet silhouette  

When couples are planning a wedding, it can take several months or even a year. Many considerations must be factored in planning for that special day: the location, the date itself, the possible weather conditions, the colors. While numerous deliberations and decisions create that couple’s wedding day, few intrigue and have as much social media attention as the choice of the bride’s dress. 

The bride, as highlighted on many television shows and now through social media hashtags, says “yes to the dress,” but that decision comes with design, color and silhouette. 

In this series of articles, the gown’s silhouette will be highlighted, as it can vary greatly and cause a decision with the wedding’s theme and tone. 

While the A-line and modified A-line were discussed previously, next the attention turns to the trumpet-style silhouette for a wedding gown. 

A trumpet silhouette wedding gown fits snugly around the bride’s waist and hips and then flares out mid-thigh. It is similar to a mermaid silhouette, but a mermaid will flare out at or below the knee, not mid-thigh. 

According to, this type of gown is a more understated version of the mermaid gown. It helps create that hourglass shape and is also versatile enough to fit a variety of wedding venues and themes. 

Luckily, too, it comes in a variety of fabrics and options, so whether a bride has her eyes set on a lacy, ethereal gown or a plunging neckline or even a backless choice, the versatility of the trumpet dress ensures that she will say yes to the perfect trumpet silhouette dress.