Tech graduates plan wedding

By Shiloh Taylor

Recent Louisiana Tech University graduates Kaylee Misenheimer, of Benton, and Isaac Thomas, of Choudrant, are engaged and are set to be married Jan. 8, 2022.

The two briefly met the summer before their freshman year at Louisiana Tech at Beach Retreat with Temple Baptist Church in 2018. They became friends after the Fall Quarter at Louisiana Tech had started. 

“Our friendship took off at the first football game our freshman year,” Thomas said.

They began hanging out more, with other friends as well.

“He became one of my best friends,” Misenheimer said.

Thomas said he started to think about his feelings towards Misenheimer throughout their sophomore year, but “dismissed it” and then thought about it a lot more their junior year.

Before they started dating, Thomas sat down with some friends and told them “hypothetically, how I would propose to her.” He believed if they started dating, they would get married.

They talked about where they stood in their relationship again in July of 2020, and again in August.

“We would watch ‘Harry Potter’ with friends over the summer and I sat by her every time,” Thomas said.

In September, they decided to redefine their relationship. She told him she liked him, and they went on their first date. They started officially dating Sept. 24.

As they stepped into this phase of their relationship, Misenheimer said, “It was really exciting because I already knew everything about him.”

Thomas said that their dynamic did not change much. 

“We had some deeper conversations and started to learn more about each other and how we work,” he said.

Thomas proposed in May of 2021 at Joe Aillet Stadium, where their friendship began and where Misenheimer first told Thomas of her feelings for him. 

“We had decided to go on more dates at the time (but) I knew it was coming because we had talked about it,” she said.

He brought her down to the field.

Thomas said, “It was straight to the point, I didn’t write anything out, I just asked her to marry me.”

Since they are in the engagement and in the wedding planning process, Thomas said, “We have been learning how to cooperate on things.”

He said getting married in January hasn’t really set in, but when planning things, it definitely makes it a little more real. 

“I feel like in the days leading up to it it’ll be like, ‘Oh, it’s here,’” he said.

After the wedding, Misenheimer and Thomas plan on settling in Bossier, where they have a place lined up to move in in February.