Tech students share engagement story

By Shiloh Taylor

Victoria Rainbolt, a senior Louisiana Tech business administration major, and Matthew Matherne, a senior mechanical engineering major, had been dating for seven years before Matherne finally popped the question this past December. 

The couple met in 2013, as Rainbolt’s now roommate was friends with Matherne, and they would ride golf carts through his neighborhood in Sterlington. 

“He tried to kiss me when we were like 13, and I told him I was not kissing him if he was not my boyfriend,” Rainbolt said. 

However, Matherne did not want a girlfriend until he was 16 years old. His sixteenth birthday was not until 2015 and that next month, he asked Rainbolt to be his girlfriend.

Over the years she said there were certain traits about him that made her believe he was who she wanted to marry. It was her senior year of high school when she knew she wanted to, but it was not until last year they started talking about it.

The two discussed waiting until they were out of college and had stable jobs before getting engaged. 

“I thought it wouldn’t be until like 2025,” Rainbolt said.

Matherne said that in the fall he had thoughts of proposing soon. He said he was ready to take the next step into the role of protecting and providing for her. 

Every year Rainbolt’s family took photos for a family Christmas card. For Christmas of 2021, they went to Matherne’s family home to take pictures. This is where Matherne said he decided to propose, and he got all of their families there.

“It was the longest 15 minutes of my life,” Matherne said. “She’s a big snooper so it was hard to keep a secret. It was absolutely nerve-racking, but after it felt okay. It was peaceful.”

He successfully kept it a secret because Rainbolt said she was not expecting it then.

“Looking back, I don’t know how I didn’t catch on to this. When we were taking pictures, he said, ‘Hey, I have to ask you something,’ and got on one knee,” she said.

Matherne said when looking for a ring, he found Rainbolt’s Pinterest board and used it for inspiration. He looked in the Monroe area and at a jewelry shop he found a picture of a ring that he said he thought matched her perfectly. 

“It was absolutely gorgeous,” Matherne said.

The ring was custom made to have a vintage look with an engraving of a saying they always said to each other. 

“I was not a part of the ring process,” Rainbolt said. “If he knew me, he’d know my ring and he definitely did. It is very much my personality.”

They plan to get married on New Year’s Eve in 2022 at the White Oak Venue in Ruston.