NLMC, White named as Distinguished Partners in Education

On behalf of the Lincoln Parish School Board, the Chamber is pleased to announce this year’s distinguished partners in education, Northern Louisiana Medical Center and Dr. Jackie White. NLMC and Dr. White have been instrumental in helping the Lincoln Parish School District navigate the pandemic. In the spring of 2020 the world was shaken with COVID-19, but the ever-steady help and guidance of these partners has allowed Lincoln Parish Schools to continue providing a quality education to its students.  

The team at Northern Louisiana Medical Center worked tirelessly to help schedule and administer COVID-19 vaccines to Lincoln Parish School employees. The hospital staff provided their cell phone numbers to school district employees so they could call with any questions regarding the vaccine. Lisa Bastion, the Chief Pandemic Officer for the Lincoln Parish School Board said, “The staff at Northern Louisiana Medical Center have been extremely professional, compassionate, concerned, and available for questions regarding reactions to vaccines.” Not only did NLMC administer vaccines and update vaccination cards, they have also been instrumental in providing LPSD staff with boosters. 

As soon as the pandemic began, Dr. Jackie White was available to assist the school district, offering professional advice as COVID-19 guidelines were established. Dr. White has been available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions as numerous matters have arisen due to the pandemic as the school nurses and the chief pandemic officer have worked to maintain a safe environment for students and staff. Dr. White’s professional and caring attitude towards the students and employees has allowed the school district to continue moving forward even in uncertainty.   

As the pandemic is still prevalent today, the school district officials know that it will continue to affect students, parents, employees, and community stakeholders and are thankful for partnerships with community members like Northern Louisiana Medical Center and Dr. Jackie White. Together they will continue to provide the safest environment possible for all involved.

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