RFM offers more than products

By Emma Stone

Ruston Farmers Market is a community owned and run market that is open for citizens Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vendors are given a chance to setup their own booth to sell their goods, but the market features more than just selling products.

The Ruston Farmers Market brings the community together.

Typically, a farmers market is open specifically in the summer for a short period of time as opposed to the Ruston Farmers Market, which features vendors year-round.

“Each vendor must apply and is required to grow and produce their goods in Louisiana,” said Marcia Dickerson, a member on the Board of Directors for the Ruston Farmers Market. “By doing this, the products offered are more unique.”

With a wide variety of goods to choose from, the Ruston Farmers Market caters to any and all citizens.

“When I went to the Ruston Farmers Market, I was able to find a gift for my grandmother,” said Camryn Tucker, a Ruston resident. “It was a wooden handle carved into the shape of a bunny which is used to pull out pans from the oven.”

From wood carved collectibles to ground beef to homemade bath products, the market gives a chance for the community to participate in something bigger.

“Each year we have a t-shirt design contest for local artists to submit their work to be chosen,” Dickerson said.

This year, the Ruston Farmers Market featured its newest design on tote bags, which contribute to the beautiful murals of downtown Ruston.

Whitney Herbert, the Ruston Farmers Market Coordinator, said that the history of the Ruston Farmers Market dates back to 2007.

“A very tiny group of women who were, actually, in a book club came together to create what it is today,” Herbert said.

While the Ruston Farmers Market changed far from just a few tables in a parking lot, the market continues to grow and adapt. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the Ruston Farmers Market offered online ordering.

“The group that leads the Ruston Farmers Market are the most resilient people you will ever meet,” Dickerson said.

The Ruston Farmers Market offers more than just goods and produce; it offers connection and community from vendors’ hands to the residents of Ruston.

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