More than a hair cut

By Spencer Drake

Truly enjoying the place one works and the people there is the goal for many people starting a new job. For Garrett Smith, he has accomplished that goal.

Garrett Smith has been cutting hair in Ruston since he graduated high school in 2018. He has his own studio in the back of Thompson’s Family Barber where he has welcomed dozens of new clients.

Smith started out as a photographer but realized he wanted to directly serve people, so he chose to take a different route.  His passion for cutting hair then began to surface, and by August of 2018 he was teaching himself how to cut hair by watching countless hours of YouTube videos.

“I knew I wanted to be hands on and knew I didn’t want to wear a uniform,” Smith said. “I also knew I didn’t want to be in an office position, so I started cutting hair and the more I did it the more I fell in love with it.”

Many of Smith’s regulars would say that it doesn’t just stop with the service. Jarrett Whorff has been a regular of Smith’s for almost a year, and he has had a great relationship with Smith . 

“Garrett has become a really good friend of mine,” Whorff said. “It is not even about cutting my hair any more, it is more of us just hanging out and him helping me with my hair.”

This is the part of the experience Smith takes pride in: being a friend to those that come in to see him. It is more than the hair.

“I really enjoy the community and relational aspect of cutting hair,” Smith said. “I enjoy getting to build things with people and invest more in their livelihood, while doing something for them that makes them feel better.”

To Smith, even something like cutting someone’s hair can lead to a lifelong relationship. Smith has made numerous relationships in his time as a barber in Ruston, and he said he does not want to quit anytime soon. 

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