Remember budget when planning for wedding photography 

This is Part Two in a two-part series about wedding photography choices. To read Part One, click here

Matthew Cassity, owner of Matthew Cassity Photography, said while couples need to consider local or out-of-town photographers as well as ask about their equipment, couples should also prepare their budget for the cost of a good photographer.  

References and reviews are also very important to consider, but tread carefully in that area — a wedding can bring out the best and worst in people, and there might be a lot of context lost in negative reviews,” Cassity stated. “There are many other things to look for in a good wedding photographer, but ultimately if they treat you and your time respectfully (and) professionally, and their portfolio meets your expectations, then all that’s left to consider is money.” 

Cassity said photography will likely be one of the biggest wedding expenses and to prepare for 25-30% of the wedding budget to go to photography. 

“You should get what you pay for with an excellent photographer,” he said. “An excellent photographer will have put in the hours to hone their craft, and high-quality cameras and accessories aren’t cheap.” 

Additionally, Cassity said depending on the size of the wedding, the photographer may need a second photographer and/or a videographer. 

“Bottom line with money, don’t go cheap or cut corners when it comes to your wedding photography — like I said earlier, these will likely be some of your most important and cherished photos in your life,” Cassity said. “I would budget as much as you can for wedding photography.” 

Cassity said while most other items with a wedding last a day, photos last a lifetime. 

 “Cakes and flowers last for one night — there are exceptions to that statement, I know,” he said. “You only wear your dress or tux once — of course, you want to look your best though. Wedding favors are rarely held on to by guests depending on the gift. It’s hard to put a number or percentage on a budget, it all depends on how important these lifelong images are to you.”