Update on parish library programs

By Jim Wilkerson

The Lincoln Parish Library will resume several of its more popular programs in February.

Trailblazer Tuesdays, a program designed to educate community members in rural areas about land and outdoor topics, will take place the first Tuesday of every month at 6 p.m. at the Events Center.

“This program does anything from gardening to estate planning,” Library Interim Director Marcie Nelson said. “They also cover wildlife management – so they’ve done programs on bats, hogs, deer – pretty much anything for anybody who’s a landowner in a rural area.”

Trailblazer Tuesdays is not just for landowners, however.

“The topics are good topics even if you don’t own land,” said Nelson. “We’re doing soil matters and a gardening series. You don’t have to own property to have a garden. You can have a raised garden, or you can have a container garden. The grants are for landowners, but the program itself works for anybody as long as you’re interested in the topic.”

Also resuming are the reading challenges, but with some changes.

Nelson explained, “We were doing them monthly last year. We’re now stretching them out to six weeks to give kids more time. So, we’re running one from Feb. 1 to around March 15. Then we’ll take two weeks off and start a new one in April and May.”

With summer reading included, there will be about five reading challenges a year for the children’s department, each one with a different theme.

“We’re theming the reading challenge in February around Mardi Gras” Nelson said. “If you walk in the children’s department, we have a giant king cake up on the wall, and the kids will get to decorate it as they read their books for the challenge.”

Reading challenges also have drawing prizes that can be anything from a pencil to a notepad to stuffed animals. Children can start signing up for the February challenge immediately.

Adult reading challenges, headed by Assistant Director Jeremy Bloom, will continue in February as well. Every month is a five-book challenge, with a different theme and prize drawing.

Further, story-times are currently taking place every Tuesday at 10 a.m., though with some changes this year.

“Last year, the Take & Make crafts were the same crafts kids did during story time. So, we’ve changed that up recently to where it’s a different craft now, because our story-time crowd tends to be heavily pre-school age,” Nelson said. “So, by changing the Take & Make craft, we’re able to simplify the story-time craft and make it a little more open-ended for the older kids so that it’s not so hard for the younger ones. And then we can make the Take & Make craft a little more intricate if we need to so that it’s more interesting for our school-aged kids.”

Adults and teens also have craft programs that take place each month.

“Teens and adults sometimes do the same thing, and sometimes the teens will do something different depending on what the adults are doing,” Nelson said.

“They’re making traditional Chinese paper lanterns this month in honor of the Chinese New Year. Bloom ordered all the real deal supplies for it – the actual paper that they use and everything. So, it’s pretty interesting for anyone interested in culture.”

Lastly, a floral arrangement program is taking place at 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 10.

Nelson explained, “It’s sort of a collaboration between our teen department and our adult department. We’ll have flowers on hand and little dollar store jars, and we’ll teach them how to do arrangements.

“Our assistant director has a background in forestry, as well as our marketing specialist, Kacey Richard,” she continued. “So, they’re going to teach that class, and teens and adults can go ahead and sign up for that.”

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