New shoes walk into Lincoln Parish

By Spencer Drake

Lincoln Parish recently gained some new members who want to add their passion to the culture of the community.

For some, shoes take them to where they want to go, but for KickzThrone shoes are a lifestyle. Antwan Watson runs the new Ruston location for KickzThrone, a resell shoe store that simply wants to raise awareness for how beneficial shoe culture can be for the community. 

“The culture is everywhere. It is so inspiring,” Watson said.  “You see athletes wearing shoes on the court and field all the time. It scales from professional athletes to normal, every day street wear.” 

Since KickzThrone is a resell store and not a retail store, the owners must go out and find their own products. This helps to keep the culture alive. 

“We want people to understand what we do for the culture,” Watson said. “We don’t get shipments that come in like Nike or Adidas; we actually have to go out and find our own retail.”

The Lincoln Parish community has already started to embrace the new culture that KickzThrone is trying to spread awareness for. 

Luke Turner, a customer and supporter of KickzThrone, said that shoe culture “is not about the shoes you have or the shoes you wear, but the relationships you can build through the culture shoes bring.” 

Jack Cue is a local shoe-fanatic in Lincoln Parish.

“Shoes can really bring up a person’s outfit and can also tell you a lot about their personality. Shoes also really bring people together that have the same love for them,” Cue said. 

KickzThrone has big plans for helping Lincoln Parish become more aware of what shoe culture really entails. One part of their plan will be a podcast, recorded within the store, that will help to educate others on the world of shoes. 

“Our podcast is going to talk about early releases, starting a shoe collection and many other conversations to make shoes more of a lifestyle for Lincoln Parish,” Watson said. This podcast will be played in the store as well as be uploaded to YouTube.

Antwan Watson and the people of the KickzThrone community are excited to introduce Lincoln Parish to shoe culture and the benefits associated with it. KickzThrone has already begun to inspire others to step out of their comfort and try new things, even something small as a pair of shoes. 

“Sneakers are just a big part of life,” Watson said. “It is more of a passion for us. When you come inside KickzThrone, you love the atmosphere.”

KickzThrone is located at 108 South Trenton Drive in Ruston.

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