Weddings on Valentine’s Day offer benefits

Getting married on Valentine’s Day does have its perks. 

Valentine’s Day is generally loved – no pun intended – or despised, but it is a popular day for couples to tie the knot. There are many benefits, too, to saying “I do” on the day that celebrates love. 

First, every anniversary is basically a worldwide holiday. Some restaurants may have couples’ specials just for Valentine’s Day, fancy candy abounds, and the card selection is numerous. So even if you’re working or busy or running around with kids on any anniversary, it’s just a little extra special because everyone else is celebrating on your special day, too. 

Secondly, imagine getting married with a snowy background. As we in Louisiana just anticipated ice last week, the odds of snow occurring on Valentine’s Day for a local wedding are higher.  

Thirdly, you’ll likely never forget your anniversary. When it coincides with Valentine’s Day, which has been on your calendar your whole life, it helps to remember – and keep your significant other happy. 

Also, if you’re one of the individuals who cringes just at the thought of Valentine’s Day or think it’s a silly holiday, getting married on Valentine’s Day can make it seem a little less corny because it’s all about you and your loved one.