Valentine’s Day listed near top for engagement dates

While Valentine’s Day, by design, is attributed as the most romantic day of the year, it actually is not the day when most engagements or even weddings occur. 

According to, the most popular day to get engaged was not when Cupid was flying around – but when Santa was. December 25 is the most popular day to pop the question, and that day also is right in the middle of proposal season, which begins around Thanksgiving and ends around Valentine’s Day. This is common because as engagements are a jolly affair, often couples like to share the good news with family and friends who are around and in town for various holidays. 

The most popular days to get engaged, also according to, as mentioned, Christmas, followed by Christmas Eve, Jan. 1, Dec. 22 and then Valentine’s Day. 

As far as weddings go, wedding season generally runs from May to October for a variety of reasons, such as ensuring the wedding does not coincide with a national holiday and the weather is often better. In the United States, the most popular day of the week to get married is a Saturday, which allows out-of-town guests to arrive in time for the ceremony. 

However, while Valentine’s Day does not fall in the wedding season, it is also not the least popular date to get married. Most of the dates that made that list are holidays that always fall on a Sunday or Monday, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and President’s Day.  

Also, if the couple is planning to wed near Valentine’s Day, watch out for flowers, especially if using red roses, which are likely to be more expensive around Valentine’s Day. However, if an engagement is planned – go ahead and grab those red roses to echo a classic Valentine’s Day proposal.