Valentine’s birthdays present special challenges, opportunities for couples 

While Valentine’s Day is an international holiday, some individuals in the Lincoln Parish share this holiday and their birthday.  

Ruston resident Robin Robbins said he enjoys his birthday being on Valentine’s Day. 

“It helps to make a typically dull time of the year into an exciting day to show you care for significant others and loved ones in your life,” Robbins said. “This makes the day seem more special as I get to share with others and give back to my wife, which brings me more joy.” 

Debbie Holmes, of Ruston, said her husband even jokingly suggested they get married on Valentine’s Day so they could do all three at once. 

“He tries to get me a birthday card and a Valentine card to separate the occasion,” Holmes said. “He’s not romantic, so he is totally off the Valentines’ Day hook because my mom or my sister always wants to see me on my birthday, so he never has to plan anything. Which is good – did I mention he was not romantic? Even if we aren’t celebrating my birthday, the restaurants are packed with people on Valentine dates so we have never celebrated Valentines Day as a couple in the 30 years we have been married.” 

Holmes said she enjoys the holiday because she, like Robbins, gets to give back to others on her birthday. 

“I view Valentine’s Day as a day to share love with your friends and family,” she said. “I buy valentines for my adult children. I love the day. I am sad when I see people viewing it as a couples’ holiday because it’s never been that for me. To me, it’s about remembering the people you love and spending time with them.

“When my grandfather died about 20 years ago now, my Mamaw said, ‘This will be the first Valentine’s Day in over 50 years that I have not gotten a card from your grandaddy.’ She had told me when they couldn’t afford cards, they would give the same ones to each other year after year. It really broke my heart for her. At the time we were still going to my home church in Downsville, so I thought about all the ladies in the church that had lost their husbands and decided they, along with Mamaw, all needed a valentine card. For the last 20 years — I can’t believe it has been that long — I have sent Valentines cards to women I am close to who have lost their valentine. That is what the day is about for me.”