Resisting officers leads to two arrests

On Feb. 17, Lincoln Parish Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to Water Tank Road in reference to a harassment complaint.  

When the deputy arrived at the residence, Ratasha A. Smith, 45, was screaming on her front porch, and at least one resident six homes down could hear the screams.  

Deputies found Smith in an agitated state and screaming so that deputies could not understand her. Smith was advised six times to lower her voice, and she did not. At this point, deputies tried to put Smith in mechanical restraints. She tensed her body and pulled away from deputies while being given multiple loud, audible commands to stop pulling away and stop resisting. Once Smith was restrained, she was escorted to the patrol vehicle. 

When Smith arrived at the patrol vehicle, she became combative again as deputies were checking her for weapons and retrieving her property. As the deputy was retrieving items from Smith’s front left jacket pocket, Smith made a furtive movement toward her right side and audibly stated something along the lines of, “I’m going to get my blade.” A deputy then found and wrestled a green box cutter away from Smith. 

Smith then began to complain about high blood pressure. She was checked by Ruston Ambulance Service, and she stated she would like to go to the hospital. A deputy transported her to the Northern Louisiana Medical Center, where she was seen and cleared by medical staff. After that, she was transported to the detention center and charged with disturbing the peace and two counts of resisting arrest by force or violence. Bond was set at $2,500. 

Additionally, while deputies were arresting Ratasha Smith for disturbing the peace, Laterrance Smith, 30, showed up on the scene and began to question why Ratasha Smith was being arrested. When deputies explained the reason for the arrest, Laterrance Smith began acting very aggressively. He was told by deputies several times to calm down and lower his voice. He continued to scream and use profanities. He was then told to move away from the scene but continued to interfere with the deputies’ investigation. Once deputies attempted to handcuff Laterrance Smith, he started resisting and pulling away. 

Three deputies were needed to secure Laterrance in mechanical restraints. Once he was secured, he was transported to Lincoln Parish Detention Center and booked on disturbing the peace, three counts of resisting and officer and interfering with a law enforcement investigation. Bond was set at $2,000. 

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