Ruston P&Z unanimously passes all items in recent meeting

By William Midkiff

On the evening of Feb. 22, the Ruston Planning and Zoning Department had a 22-minute meeting during which four zoning items were addressed and all unanimously passed.

The agenda contained no items pertaining to planning, so the meeting continued straight on to zoning issues.

The first item to be addressed was an application to amend a conditional use permit. Conditional use permits are zoning exceptions that allow property owners to use their land in ways not otherwise permitted within the particular zoning district.

The permit addressed belongs to Park Development Group, L.L.C., and authorizes the construction of a cul-de-sac and surrounding buildings at the end of Trinity Way. The site is located behind the Dairy Queen and Brister’s Smokehouse BBQ off of Cooktown Road.

The amendment to this permit states that the plan will now involve the construction of a cul-de-sac and one single-story clubhouse/office, three two-story multi-family buildings, and four three-story multi-family buildings on this site.

The amendment was unanimously passed.

The second item to be addressed was another application to amend a conditional use permit. This permit belongs to Young Learning Academy, L.L.C., a children’s daycare located on Gilman Street.

The amendment proposes the addition of a second modular building to the daycare, which will allow space for additional employees. This, in turn, will allow for the daycare to service a greater number of families.

The amendment was unanimously passed.

The third item to be addressed was a designation of a property’s zoning classification after it was traded by Louisiana Tech to a private owner. Planning and Zoning director Jim Hays explained the situation to the meeting.

“Louisiana Tech owns property. When they trade it with private property owners, it goes back into the private ownership, and there has to be a zoning class assigned to it,” Hays said. “This is the first one of numerous that you all are going to be seeing. There has been a lot of land swapping, both back and forth.”

The piece of property in question was the lot on the corner of Tech Drive and West California Avenue, formerly the location of a church.

The designation passed unanimously.

The final item to be addressed was an application for a conditional use permit, submitted by Cedar Creek School.

The permit requested approval for the bleachers and press box that have been constructed on the north end of the school’s softball field.

Normally, a conditional use permit would have to be approved before construction began. In this case, however, the permit slipped through the cracks amidst the recent change in administration.

“When Mr. Yepson was there, we had everything lined out pretty good,” Hays said. “I think just with the change in administration, it got by somebody. But it’s not causing any issues with setbacks or anything.”

The application passed unanimously, and the meeting was adjourned.

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