Lucky number 7 means wedding for local couple

By Sidney Lain

One could say that Cameron Poole and Evan Chandler’s lucky number is seven. They are one of the newest couples in the Ruston area to get engaged, and have been dating for seven years.

Poole and Chandler started dating as freshman in high school when they were 14 and 15 years old, respectively, in 2014.

“We were in his living room, and he handed me his wallet and told me to see if there was any money in there,” Poole said. “Then he pulled a folded piece of paper out and told me to open it up and it was a poem asking me to be his girlfriend. It was really sweet.”

Poole said she knew early on that Chandler was the one for her.  

“I started saying in ninth grade that I was going to marry him so I knew pretty early,” Poole said. “He was my first real boyfriend and I just never could imagine myself with anyone but him.”  

Chandler also said knew that as their relationship grew that he knew Poole was the one for him. 

 “I think the overall growth of our relationship is why it is so strong,” he said.I think over the past three years, and really the last year I knew that she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I couldn’t see myself with anyone else.” 

Picking out the perfect ring was the next step.

“I had a ring in mind when I went shopping over Thanksgiving break, but the ring I bought and the ring I went in there wanting were completely different,” Chandler said.  “I was looking through rings and one stood out to me.  I would keep it to the side and look at other rings, and every time I looked at another ring, I knew it wasn’t the right one.  So I pulled the trigger and got the ring that my heart wanted.  

Chandler said he knew for a while when he wanted to propose. 

I had a time period set for a while,” he said.  “She has been wanting this for a really long time and this was something we both want.  So I wanted it to be around our anniversary and Christmas time so we could tell and show our families when we traveled home.  If you ask Cam, she will say I waited too long.” 

Poole said she had her suspicions on when Chandler was going to propose. 

I had started suspecting some things relating to the proposal and thought that it was gonna happen that weekend,” she said. “Evan never would give me any hints about anything so I didn’t know for sure.” 

Chandler said he wanted to make the proposal a special moment just between the two of them. 

“So for the proposal, I wanted it to be just us around, no family and friends,” he said. “We went to Mitcham Farms, which is a special place for us because we took pictures out there a year before and it holds a lot of sentimental value to us.  The actual place I wanted to propose was blocked off, so we ran an audible and I proposed sort of behind the farm.”  

The wedding planning has already started for these two high school sweethearts. 

 “I’m so excited to marry Evan,” Poole said.