Ponderings by Doug

Right now, I have a laptop where it belongs. I am composing this wonderful tome for you sitting in my recliner. To the right of my keyboard is a numeric keypad. I rarely use the calculator function. It seems I only use the numbers for my passwords. Next to my laptop on the arm of the chair is my iPhone. Of course, on the table next to the phone is the remote for the TV. I have a laptop, iPhone, and an iPad all within reach. I think for Lent I need to give up being connected or maybe go on a digital diet.

Do you remember when phones were attached to the wall, had chords, and rotary dials? If you had to make the rare long distance phone call, it took quite a while with that rotary dial phone. Yes, I do remember party lines. A party line was a vast treasure trove of information for the community, not that anyone ever listened in to a party line call.

Cell phones are everywhere now. You can’t escape them. It seems they are always going off in church, at weddings, and even at funerals. Yes, we are all secretly laughing at that dumb ring tone you have set as your default for your phone. There are some things that can’t be unheard over the hushed crowd at the funeral.

So, I am looking at the numbers on my phone. One, two and three are across the top line of the phone. On the computer keypad one, two, and three are across the bottom. I have noticed this same phenomenon at ATM’s and gas pump numeric pads. I’m wondering why. 

Why can’t all the numeric keypads have the same arrangement?

Whoever oversees numbers, could you get together so there will be only one pattern on these number pads? It is very confusing to those of us who use both.

As a minister people often ask me “why?” I will tell you that ministers mostly can’t answer “why” questions. Those are management questions. We minister types are pretty good at answering “how” questions. If you are dealing with some “why” event in your life, I invite you to church we can talk about “how” you can live through your “why.”

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