Q&A with new Cedar Creek HC Steven Ensminger – Part 1

New Cedar Creek football coach Steven Ensminger threw out the first pitch of the Cougars baseball game Friday.

The Lincoln Parish Journal caught up with newly named Cedar Creek head coach Steven Ensminger to talk about his plan for his new job. This is the first of a three-part Q&A with the new Cougars coach.

LPJ: What was it about the Cedar Creek job that interested you?

Ensminger: Having lived in Ruston multiple times, coaching at Ruston High School and playing high school football at West Monroe, it has made me very familiar with the type of kids Cedar Creek has. I have learned that they are some of the most competitive, hard-working, and dedicated kids you will find throughout the state of Louisiana. North Louisiana has had very successful programs along I-20 for a very long time.

I am excited for the opportunity to take the reigns of this athletic program at Cedar Creek and build on the success they’ve had both athletically and academically. They have great community support. It just felt like the perfect opportunity for me. I am eager to mold this program. I believe it has endless potential to become what I envision to be one of the best programs in the state of Louisiana, where kids will want to come play at for years to come, while most importantly receiving one of the best educations you can find in this state. 

LPJ: What will be your top priorities in your first month on the job?

Ensminger: The list of things I have made over the past couple of days is up to four pages long now, and there’s so many things that need to get done. But I feel like it is very important for me to meet every single coach, athlete,  teacher, parent, and supporter and create a relationship with these people and gain their trust and share my vision. I want to let them know in order for my vision to come true, it is going to take everybody coming together and working together and supporting one another because in my life family is everything to me. That’s number one on my list. Here in the first week, as far as football goes, we will meet as a staff and come up with detailed schedules for the kids as far as off-season training, summer workouts, spring ball, etc.

I will meet with every player individually and learn everything I can about them as far as their goals, strengths, weaknesses, and so many other things. I want to be able to know exactly what needs to be done in that aspect to mold this team into a championship team. I am ecstatic to hit the ground running. In addition to that, I have another list of different things I would like to do as far as facilities, uniforms, fundraisers, social media, and more in order to create a culture here that is exciting for these kids and this community. It is all about these kids and getting them excited about the opportunities they have in front of them to do great things. I can’t go into detail on some of the ideas and plans I have, but I can promise that Friday nights at the Creek are going to be something you won’t want to miss and everyone in this state will be talking about it. But in order for that vision to come true, it’s going to take the entire Cedar Creek family to come together and trust me when I say that championships are coming. And not just in football, but in all athletics.

LPJ: What is Steven Ensminger’s offensive philosophy and what is the game-plan for installing it?

Ensminger: Before I answer that question, I would like to be able to evaluate the roster in more depth and evaluate the staff. I need to figure out the pieces of this puzzle that may or may not be missing that are needed to for this year’s team to be successful. It would be easy to say that I am going to do this and I am going to do that. But I believe to be a championship team, extra time needs to be spent evaluating what is needed for us to play to our full potential. But if you must have an answer, it’s simple: light up the scoreboard.