RSVP saves couple hassle, helps wedding preparations 

For couples tying the knot, they want to invite friends and family to participate in the celebratory day with them. After all, it’s a monumental occasion for them – as well as the guests. While the bridal party wears special attire, prepares months in advance, and celebrates with showers and parties, the guests also have preparations to make – one which includes the RSVP. 

Responding to a couple’s RSVP allows the couple to best prepare for their wedding – and to prepare for their guests. To be a good guest, one does “please respond,” as the RSVP indicates. An RSVP not only confirms whether a guest will be able to attend or not, but it allows the couple to adequately prepare tables, food, and even plus-one guests, if offered. 

As wedding season kicks off this spring, make sure if one is invited to a wedding to RSVP as soon as possible to allow the couple to finish final wedding preparations. If the invite offers a plus-one, indicate whether a guest will be attending as well – but wedding etiquette states that if a plus-one is not indicated on the invite, don’t request one. Also, be mindful regarding children. Some couples wish for their weddings to be child-free. Be respectful of their wishes.  

RSVPs can be in a variety of forms, from physical versions to digital. If the couple asks for a physical card, don’t text them a response. Make sure to follow the instructions, whether the couple asks for an emailed RSVP, a response on their wedding website or a mailed physical card.   

By RSVPing to weddings in a timely, accurate fashion, guests allow the couple to prepare well for the big day so the bride and groom – as well as the guests – are able to celebrate fully.