Ensminger talks spring football, self assessment – Part 3

The Lincoln Parish Journal caught up with newly named Cedar Creek head coach Steven Ensminger to talk about his plan for his new job. This is the third of a three-part Q&A with the new Cougars coach.

Part 1: https://bit.ly/3HrkFG0

Part 2: https://bit.ly/36M6Epz

LPJ: What is your plan for starting spring football? And what will your top goals be for your first spring with the program?

Ensminger: As far as spring ball goes, I know these guys have been itching to get back out on that field and compete and prove doubters wrong. I have been through it. You have a great year, and then it’s over. As far as a date, I will get with these coaches and we will come up with a plan. We will make sure that we go into this with zero doubt on what it is we want to do and accomplish during spring football.

The most exciting time through this whole process was walking into that building and seeing every single one of those kids staring right at me and never taking their eyes off me and seeing the excitement and seeing how anxious they were to get started. That moment for me almost had me speechless on what I was going to say to these kids, but I could tell right away that we were all on the same page on what the expectations are and what it will take to reach our goal and that’s to win a state championship. And they understood clearly that anything less was not an option. I am fired up to work with such a great group of young men on this football team and also with the other great group of young men and women in all of our athletic teams here at Cedar Creek. 

LPJ: How would you describe yourself as a coach?

Ensminger: I am a coach that is huge on fundamentals and being prepared for every possible situation. Repetition is the mother of skills. We will practice good habits and practice preparing ourselves for whatever situations could arise on that field when it comes to adversity during the game and also whatever the opponent’s scheme and plan is to stop us. I am also a coach who does his best to relate to each kid individually. Some kids respond to a certain way of coaching and others do not. So as a coach I try and find out how to reach each one of those kids individually to bring out their full potential.

I do not have kids. But if I did, I would treat every single one of these players like they were my own. Care about them, relate to them, be there for them. Show tough love, push them harder than they ever have been pushed and remind them that at the end of the day, we are a family that wins together and loses together. I will never ask one of them to do something I have never done. I will make sure that my players lose and win with class and respect the game the way it deserves to be respected while having the time of their lives and making the entire Cedar Creek family proud to be a Cougar. And although I am back living in North Louisiana, there’s only one way I can spell this phrase … “GEAUX COUGARS!”

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