Schroder, other state treasurers speak out against Russian invasion

Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder joins State Treasurers across the country in a unified effort to stop the senseless Russian invasion of Ukraine by pledging to divest our state-controlled investments in Russian companies.  

“I am sickened by the images of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine,” Louisiana State Treasurer John M. Schroder said. “Louisiana Treasury is joining other states in divesting from any Russian investments in an attempt to do our share in forcing an end to this invasion and crippling the Russian government.” 

The full statement of the state treasurers reads that they: 

“…condemn Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Ukraine. The Russian invasion is a threat to democratic freedoms and global stability and cannot be tolerated. State governments invest a significant amount of public funds with some invested in Russian-domiciled companies. Actions taken by states can help the people of Ukraine by putting additional pressure on the Russian economy to force an end to this invasion. These actions are not only morally imperative, but the current crisis also constitutes a substantial risk for states’ investments and our economic security. We cannot continue to invest funds in a way that runs counter to the foreign policy and the national interests of the United States. Moreover, we choose to stand on the side of freedom and security for free and independent democratic countries. 

“Therefore, we support efforts at all levels of government and across the public and private sectors, which include cross-functional and multi-agency partnerships, to divest State Treasury and pension funds from investments in Russian-domiciled companies. We are committed to taking steps that include divesting as soon as possible to have the quickest and most meaningful impact on this tragic situation.” 

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