Student Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alham Mohamed creates LUX

By Lloyd R. Bruner

Alham Mohamed is a senior at Ruston High School and a member of the RHS Future Business Leaders of America. She joined FBLA and found that it has opened many opportunities, provided exposure for her business, and helped her learn much that will benefit her pursuit to become a successful entrepreneur.  

“I’ve always had an interest in business and how to create my own,” Mohamed said. “The thought of creating something that I love and getting paid for it or even buying something and selling it for more seemed so intriguing to me when I was younger.”

She said she started creating digital art and selling it on a print on demand website, realizing that business was her passion and the profession she would follow. 

“With my passion for business and a sense of duty towards helping people in need — 30% of my profit goes to charity — a spark inside me ignited and LUX began,” Mohamed said. “The reason I named my business LUX is because it’s a timeless name that represents my quality products.” 

Mohamed said she believes that LUX allows customers to contribute to a greater cause while enjoying her unique products. She started her business by selling something unique that hints at her background and where she comes from – Middle Eastern incense – but plans to expand in the future to many other lines of fashion and decor. 

“I don’t have a specific role model or mentor, but my aspiration is to develop the characteristics and habits of highly successful people,” Mohamed said. “I believe that imitating successful people’s habits can create our own success. There is a pattern to those who are successful. As Aristotle stated: ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’ That is what I strive to go by.”

As a senior, life after high school is the dominant topic for Mohamed as she makes plans to go to college and major in business. She plans to expand her knowledge and make herself more valuable to the business industry as she seeks growth with her business. 

“We only live once; we should do what we love during our lifetime as most of our time is spent working,” Mohamed said. “I have many plans and much planning to do. I have big dreams with ambitious goals and I realize that it’s going to take hard work and self-discipline, but I’m ready to sacrifice my short-term gratification for long term success.” 

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