Severe weather expected in parish today

Courtesy National Weather Service

Lincoln Parish residents are urged to exercise caution this Wednesday as storms progress into the area from now until the afternoon hours. 

The National Weather Service in Shreveport has monitored severe weather over the last couple of days and said that while damaging wind is the biggest concern, there is a possibility for tornados and even large hail. 

In the early hours of this morning, the squall line should be coming into the state and then moving through during the morning into Lincoln Parish. However, all storms are expected to be gone somewhere during the afternoon.

The National Weather Service also advises that these times are an estimate and they could remain for an hour or two after the prediction or all the storms could sweep through Lincoln Parish around the mid-afternoon.

If a tornado does occur, move to the lower levels of your home and away from exterior rooms and rooms with windows. Do not go outside during a tornado.