Railway Coffee’s Pirate Thursday resonates with community

By Breanne Pittman

Pirates took over downtown Ruston March 24 as Railway Coffee hosted its first ever Pirate Thursday. Customers who dressed up as pirates were given a free glass of specialty strawberry-coconut lemonade. 

After listening to viral pirate songs on TikTok, lead barista Charles Durand began to ask management if they could play these songs in the office every Thursday, which turned into an inside joke for the staff.

“I began asking our managers if we could listen to the Sea Shanties in the office to joke around and mess with them, and it started this inside joke that every Thursday we would do it and call it Pirate Thursday,” Durand said.

When Railway’s manager went on vacation for a week, Durand stepped in as interim manager, and his first decision was to officially host the shop’s first Pirate Thursday.

“When I got manager for the week, I told everyone it would be mandatory participation, adding to the joke of it all,” Durand said.

The shop’s primary promotion for the event was on its social media platforms, and as word got out of the fun day planned at Railway, people were attracted to the event, asking questions and getting very excited to join in. 

“It is a fun social media event, and a lot of people have been messaging me personally,” Durand said. “It seems like everyone that knows about it is very excited. It is definitely a big culture boost to the area.”

After bringing the idea to the table, Railway Coffee’s owner, John Luke Robertson, thought it would be a fun idea and a perfect opportunity to bring in customers to the shop. 

“Charles has been wanting to do Pirate Thursday for awhile,” Robertson said. “It was a long time coming, and when our other manager was out and Charles was stepping in, I knew this would be the perfect timing.”  

Though the day was fun, both Durand and Robertson were not certain what the future of Pirate Thursdays at Railway would look like.

“I am not sure how regular we are going to do it, but at some point we will have another Pirate Thursday,” Robertson said.

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