Ruston peacocks search for home after storm

By Elizabeth Mercer

Peacocks are on the loose in Ruston. Meanwhile, their owner, Renée Cook, is doing everything she can to get them back home safe and sound.

Owning five peacocks in total, Cook recently announced that three of them are on the loose. While Penny and Chicken remain home, Argus, Cheech and Elsa are somewhere in the woods between Ruston and Grambling. 

For six years, these birds had roamed free range on Cook’s property. They were never pinned in and always stuck close to home. 

However, a few weeks back, when a big storm came through Ruston, three of the peacocks scattered from Cook’s backyard. After posting a notice on Facebook, Cook received a couple of phone calls from people who said they spotted the peacocks.

One Grambling resident called Cook to let her know the birds had been spotted in her neighbor’s yard after the storm. However, Cook was unable to track them down.

Cook is the owner of Grooming by Renée, a dog grooming service, where her peacocks would sit outside on the fence and greet all the customers as they entered. 

“I miss them a ton,” Cook said. “One of my favorite things in the morning is to sit on my front porch while throwing dog food on the ground for the peacocks and drinking my coffee.” 

Cook’s neighbor, Becky Young, hosted the peacocks in her yard quite often as well.

“I’d look out my window and see peacocks on my guest house roof,” Young said. “They are beautiful birds and we miss having them around, even if their yelling does scare strangers half to death.”

It is currently nesting season, meaning there is the potential of these birds settling down for the season in the woods somewhere. Keep your eyes peeled for these pets on the loose.

Cook is asking anyone who spots them to message her or contact her at 318-224-1452. 

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