Teacher Feature: CHS’s Aimee Rambin pushes students to succeed 

By Madison Remrey

Aimee Rambin, a teacher from Choudrant High School, invests in her students and provides them with a positive and welcoming learning environment while teaching them life skills.

Rambin is a family and consumer sciences teacher at Choudrant High School. In this position, she teaches students a range of skills that are needed in the adult world — folding laundry, cooking, cleaning and more. 

She did not begin her career with teaching high school. At first, Rambin worked with kids in foster care and group homes, teaching them life skills. After that, she worked with adults. This is when she realized she had a passion for working with teenagers.

Rambin said she enjoys teaching and being able to help kids reach their full potential. 

Students of Rambin’s said that she has left a lasting impact on them and her willingness to help them succeed is one reason why.

Kendall Maddox, one of Rambin’s former students, said that Rambin has left a lasting impact on her and Rambin’s willingness to help them succeed is one reason why.

“She always made class fun and treated us as if we were her own kids and not just students,” Maddox said. “She would even help us with assignments for other classes because she just wanted us to succeed. She provided a very warm and welcoming learning environment. She truly cares for her students.”

Along with the positives of teaching, though, Rambin said there also comes challenging days.

The administration, mixed with her faith, is what keeps Rambin going on the hard days.

“We have a super supportive administration at Choudrant,” Rambin said. “Our principal is super supportive. Our counselors are super supportive. I feel like we work in a very supportive environment where you can go talk to somebody anytime there’s a challenge.”

At the end of the day, Rambin said that if there is one thing she could tell all of her students —- past, present and future —- it would be to never give up.

“Never give up,” Rambin said. “Never give up on your dreams. Never give up on yourself. Don’t quit. Even if you’re having a bad day, there’s always a better day.”

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