Students offer social media skills to MedCamps

By Breanna Gipson

A group of senior-level communication students at Louisiana Tech partnered with MedCamps of Louisiana to offer social media skills and strategy plans to the non-profit organization.

The students, led by assistant professor and LPJ publisher Judith Roberts, gave a presentation at the end of the spring quarter that offered them audience analysis, strategies and tactics, goals and more.

“This is one of my favorite classes to teach,” Roberts said. “This is just another example of Tech students offering their knowledge to the betterment of our community. We worked with Tech’s School of Music for the midterm client, and MedCamps was our final client.”

Communication major Madison Beam was one of the students in charge of working on the proposal for MedCamps.

“What made me so interested in this partnership is the fact that the camp has huge goals,” Beam said. “I also love the fact that the camp has a lot of community support.”

Beam shed light on her being experienced with helping other clients as she was a camp counselor herself.

“I’ve done something like this before with the School of Music but never a camp,” Beam said. “But I have been a counselor in training for two to three summers and even gotten to be a counselor myself.”

MedCamps Director Kacie Whipple said she is also very excited about the partnership with the university.

“When we were first presented with this partnership social media campaign by Dr. Roberts, we all were intrigued,” Whipple said. “We thought it would be a really great opportunity for these students to work with real clients all while helping MedCamps in the process.”

Whipple also mentioned this isn’t the camp’s first partnership with the university.

“For eight years we have been in partnership with Louisiana Tech’s School of Architecture with Brad Deal and Robert Brooks,” Whipple said.

Whipple said MedCamps staff are hopeful that this project allows new creativity and growth for their camp.

“We hope that by the end of the project, we will have some new creative ideas that we can use on all of our social media outlets,” Whipple said. “We are a little behind the times so having a younger generation of students create something like this for us will be very beneficial for our organization.”