Frosty Factory: Going global

Picture provided by Allison Lee

This is Part Two of a two part series. Check out yesterday’s publication to read Part One.

By Kelsey Horath

What once was a company with the goal to simply sell over the span of Louisiana, has now surpassed that, selling worldwide. 

“My whole goal when I first started doing this was to cover all of Louisiana and now, we are pretty well all over the world,” Dolph Williams, founder and CEO of Frosty Factory, said. 

Since opening Frosty Factory in 1983, the production demand for frozen drink machines has nearly doubled. This allowing the factory to sell to hundreds of cities across America. 

“If you go down to Bourbon Street, you’ll only see our equipment,” Allison Lee, sales manager of Frosty Factory, said. “If you go to Las Vegas, you’ll see our equipment on the strips and Fat Tuesday’s, Wet Willie’s and all the big daiquiri bars have our machines as well.”

Lee said Frosty Factory provides dozens of frozen drink machines for adventure parks such as Disney World and Harry Potter World too. 

With the popularity and success of the machines, Frosty Factory has also made its way out of the U.S. and North America. Every continent holds a Frosty Factory machine, Antarctica being the only exception of course.

“Our machines can be found in multiple countries over the world and in every continent,” Lee said. “We are the industry standard for frozen drink machine equipment.”

With this title and recognition, Frosty Factory has gained cliental with numerous celebrities wanting to purchase equipment. 

“We ship to the rapper, 50 Cent, we have some machines on the production schedule for Kendra Scott and we also sell to Sketchers, believe it or not,” Lee said. “Customers see our big drink machines in places like Sketchers and are drawn into the business.”

With the production schedule growing fiercely at the factory, more employees and space has had to be added.

“Recently, the factory has been undergoing renovation by expanding building and production space, adding new offices for employees and other interior and exterior restorations,” Heath Williams, president and owner of Frosty Factory, said. 

Heath Williams said there has also been a new showroom added to present future and potential cliental the products Frosty Factory offers. After the renovations are finalized during the coming summer months, Frosty Factory will be scheduling a grand reopening for the surrounding community.

“This will be the perfect opportunity for Ruston residents to see what Frosty Factory truly is,” Lee said. “People in Ruston don’t know we are here, don’t know what we do and don’t know what Frosty Factory means.”

More often than expected, the company is mistaken for producing things other than frozen drink machines by local citizens. 

“People ask all the time if we make the ice cream for Wendy’s Frosty,” Lee said. “No, that is not what we do, Frosty Factory builds frozen drink machines.”

To stop this misunderstanding, Lee changed the marketing for the company when joining the Frosty Factory team, updated the website and took steps to getting Frosty Factory’s name spread in the Ruston community. 

“I wanted to let everybody know how big and how wonderful Frosty Factory actually is,” Lee said. 

The company is still getting bigger by the day and growing its name worldwide. The mama who needed a “big machine” in that old country liquor store did not realize the success her son would one day create.  

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