Ponderings by Doug

I want you to do an unofficial survey for me on Sunday, and please report the results back to me.

If you go to church, I want to you to count the number of men in church. Now count the number of women in church. I will bet you. Yes, I am going to wager, that there are more women in church than men on Sunday. It is funny, particularly in church traditions that claim women should keep silent, that there is more woman than men in church. What is going on here?

As a disclaimer I need to tell you I was raised by a single mom who was a very strong woman. My mother hated the attempt to amend the Constitution with the Equal Rights Amendment. She said, “Women have always been superior, why do we need to be equal?” She was determined that her two boys would grow up to be honorable men who respected women.

But here is the deal, ladies what have you done with all the men in church? Now I’m not blaming you, but I want you to think about some things. First, who does the decorating in the church? Yes, we guys are thrilled that you picked out that soft parlor furniture. Now where are the recliners and the leather sectionals with cup holders? I know you ladies love banners and artwork, but we need to see the big screens. And forget trying to make us sing out of a hymnal, we want the screen with the words! 

We, preachers included, don’t talk to men correctly. We talk about being lost and saved. Now what male will ever admit he is lost? Not me. If I am turned around, you can be assured I was bird dogging a short cut. Men don’t like to be saved either. We don’t want to be shown on the news being plucked from a raging river. We want to either pull ourselves out with some heroic feat of strength or be able to tell our friends we were planning that publicity stunt all along. Don’t save us because you embarrass us when you do. Notice how many times Jesus told men to “go and do” something. 

I could do a whole series of articles about how we have made Jesus all sweet and gentle. We ignore his strong radical side that raged against the evil of the money changers in the temple. Unknowingly we have created a soft, gentle Jesus. I don’t know why we don’t just preach the Jesus as the New Testament reveals Him. He was meek and gentle at times, but the kind of guy other guys admired.

Now guys, I have opened the door for discussion of how to include us in the church. I would say to the men reading out there, that you need to “Man up” and get your butt in church!

So do that head count and get back to me on it!

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