Student uses lifelong dream to create music

By Aaron Mainiero

Louisiana Tech student Slade Aycock’s love of music began as a junior in high school, when he first picked up a bass guitar at a local pawn shop. Though he had learned how to play guitar and drums in the past, he had a gut feeling that bass guitar was the instrument for him. Shortly after learning to play bass, he joined a metalcore band from the Alexandria area called From the Gallows. From there, Aycock would get his chops from playing north and south Louisiana over the next couple of years with the band. These high school formative years have shaped Aycock’s road to Tech and other bands.

After high school, Aycock moved to Ruston to attend Louisiana Tech, selling his drum set to pay for his first quarter of classes. He continues to play with From the Gallows. Currently, he is enrolled in the music industry studies program at Tech, a program he highly recommends for anyone interested in pursuing music.

“I love it; it’s a great program,” Aycock said. “I just wish it was here during my first year. I totally recommend it for anyone who’s interested in learning about today’s modern musicianship expectations.”

While playing with From the Gallows, Aycock performed alongside a band called Perpetual Deception. At the show, Aycock met Ryan Asbury and Dylan Holt, who were the two members of Perpetual Deception at the time. Over the next few months, Aycock would play alongside Perpetual Deception while still playing with From the Gallows. 

“When I first saw them, it was only Dylan and Ryan,” he said. “Even with just the two of them, they had this amazing sound. Dylan’s drums had so much energy live, it was impossible not to feed off of it and let it fuel yourself, and Ryan rocked some killer leads.”

Eventually, Nicholas Ducote would join the band as lead vocalist. In May of 2020, Aycock left From the Gallows and joined Perpetual Deception as its official bassist, followed shortly by Hailey Bolton as rhythm guitarist. These five make up Perpetual Deception as it is today.

Perpetual Deception performs live shows all over Louisiana, and Aycock said he hopes to bring the band to Ruston to play sometime in the future.

Of all the aspects of being in a band, Aycock’s favorite part is performing live.

“I’ve always loved the live aspect, the energy of playing a good set to an audience that is truly and intensely engaged,” he said. “I love to tear it the hell up and see the audience reciprocate the band’s energy.”

Aycock cites his influences as Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Cliff Burton of Metallica and Dimebag Darrell of Pantera, not for just their musicianship, but their onstage personas as well.

“Truly great artists, when they’re playing live, are able to elevate their act to a certain degree to inhabit this deity-like persona where they rise above being just a performer, and they really wrap the audience in the experience of the music,” Aycock said.

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