Dusty McGehee: Outdoor Spotlight with Anders

Throughout the dog days of summer, I thought it would be a good idea to write about some “notable” outdoors people in our area. I enjoy question and answer sessions, so I think these interviews are quite interesting.  If you read my articles often, you know the person I hunt with the most is our oldest son, Anders.  This boy has been on my hip in the woods or on the water since he was old enough to walk.  So, I thought it would be fun to interview him on what he thought about the outdoors and maybe he could inspire a kid or two to join.  Because I want honest responses, he had no idea what I was about to ask.

How did you get into the outdoors?

Well, when I was probably like two, I got jealous that you were hunting in Mississippi. You finally let me go and I had a lot of fun there and that has carried on over the years.

What is your favorite thing to hunt and why?

This is honestly a hard question for me, but I’d have to say turkeys because you have to go outdoors and walk around a lot to kill them.  When we go deer hunting, we just go to the stand and wait for them.  I like to be adventurous, so turkey hunting is my favorite.

If you could go hunting/fishing with any celebrity, who would it be?

Luke Bryan

What is your most memorable outdoor memory?

Killing my first deer and tracking it through the trees but I did not like getting blood on my face.

Who is your favorite outdoor writer?

Hmmmmmm, I can’t think of anyone but Dusty McGehee.

What’s your favorite wild game to eat?

Fried turkey strips, but fried bream is good too!

If you could hunt one place for the rest of your life where and why?

The camp in Mississippi because wild game in the area is always producing and we get more and more deer every year. I like when it rains and the creek gets up, and when the creek goes down, we get to see more rocks and deer footprints because the sand is so soft.

How do you pass the time in the deer stand?

I read books and look through my binoculars.  I don’t think electronics should be allowed in the stand.

If you could give one tip to a new child hunter what would it be?

Just put the crosshairs on the deer and kaboom.

What is your favorite outdoor article I’ve written?

The story about me & my dog Reese tracking deer!

How old were you when you started hunting/fishing?


What is your dream hunting trip?

Probably go up to North Dakota or the Rocky Mountains and go turkey hunting and then kill deer and have a cabin up there.

What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

I want to be a game warden because they can help people in many ways.  People who get in trouble with game wardens learn from their experiences and they (hopefully) get better at it and don’t do many bad things like trespassing on private land.

Who is the best outdoorsman you know?

Stephen Williams because he passed up a big buck I shot a few days later… hahaha.

What is your them song?

Huntin, Fishin, and Loving Everyday by Luke Bryan

Would you rather hit a game winning homerun or kill a big turkey?

Kill a big turkey

That’s my boy!

Is that a question?

You are back-to-back Adult/Youth Crappie Masters champions at D’arbonne. What do you credit your success to?

I had faith in you that we would win, even in terrible conditions.   I don’t want to give up. Since it’s a competition, it would make me better at it. So even in a couple years when I’m an adult and I’m taking my kid fishing it’ll help me get better because I will know it feels to fish in tough conditions and you can always push through.

Do you do all these things because you want to hunt/fish with me or do you just want to hang out with me?

Hahahah, oh gosh.  It’s kind of both of them.  Some days I just want to hang out with you and some days I just wanna go hunting.

What is your favorite deer stand snack?

Sour Patch Kids.

How many deer and turkey have you killed?

22 deer and 7 turkeys.

You have a great deer tracking dog. What are you looking forward to next season?

I want to join the Louisiana Blood Trailing Network with her.

Why do you like Chick-Fil-A so much?

Hahahahahaha.  Because I like their chicken nuggets and their soft drinks are good.

Who is your favorite parent?

Dad don’t ask me that!


Dusty McGehee is a native of Downsville and a 2006 graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a bachelors in wildlife conservation. He is currently employed by WestRock and serves as an environmental engineer at the Hodge Mill. Dusty is an avid hunter and crappie fisherman, fishing crappie tournaments with his son when he is not in the woods. He and his wife Rachel have three young outdoorsmen/women: Anders, Ridge, and Mae. If you have a story idea or question about the great outdoors, you can reach Dusty at dusty.mcgehee@westrock.com.


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